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Check out all the fun stuff we have available for the public at Irene’s. We are committed to offering classes to the community that supports healthy lifestyles. From Free Massage to Yoga, and Aromatherapy to Canine Massage you can easily find an enjoyable and informative class to attend.

Free Massage Class

Call Irene's front desk 248-350-1400 with any questions.

Free Massage Class

You can relax and have some fun at Irene's free massage class! This is an excellent opportunity for those interested in massage as a hobby or an introduction to massage as a career possibility.

If you've never given a massage before, this is a great chance to explore the benefits of healthy touch.

This popular class fills up fast. Reserve your spot now!

Friday, June 14, 2024

Friday, Sept 13, 2024

Class Time 7:00pm-9:00pm

Class Information

During this free two-hour class, you will have the opportunity to learn basic tchniques while both giving and receiving massage. We invite you to bring a friend to exchange massage or come alone and we will pair you with a friendly partner.

Participant safty is always a priority at Irene's. Alchol consumption is crontraindicated for massage. Please refrain from consuming any mood-altering prior to class.

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn therapeutic massage for free. Whether it be family, friends or co-workers, everyone can benifit from a little tender loving care. At the end of the day, your spouse will look forward to coming home to your healing hands. Your children will love the extra attention from your nurturing touch. You may even find you're suddenly invited to all your friends parties to share your new skills.

Affordable Yoga at Irene’s

At Irene’s, we believe everyone should have access to the transformative benefits of yoga. That’s why we provide affordable yoga classes!  Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, our classes cater to all levels and provide a welcoming and inclusive environment. Our experienced instructors guide you through various yoga styles, helping improve your flexibility, strength, and overall well-being.

Affordable Yoga At Irene's

Dog Massage

This fun and informative class will teach you how to give your fur baby a massage that will have health and behavioral benefits. Plus, it will help you bond with your pet.

Whether your dog is suffering from arthritis, recovering from surgery, or experiencing anxiety, this class will teach you techniques to help your pet’s problems.

A basic complete massage sequence will be taught.

Saturday, October 12, 2024 
Class Time 11:00am – 1:00 pm
$25.00 per person 

No refund with less than 24 hour prior notice of cancellation 

Important Class Information
This class is for dogs only (no other animals).  Students should bring their dog for massage during class. Limited to 1 person per dog.

Dogs must meet the following criteria in order to attend:

1.   All shots up to date.  No less than 1 week before the class, you must email record of current shots to instructor.

2.   Friendly and comfortable with groups of people

3.   Good with groups of other dogs, similar to the dog park

4.   Dogs must be on a leash when not in the classroom 

It is imperative to take your dog on a really long walk just prior to class! This avoids accidents indoors, and the exercise helps them to relax during class. 

Bring the following to class:

~ Doggie waste bags 

~ Large blanket or beach towel 

~  Yoga Mat

Baby Massage Class for Parents

Join us for this Hands-on class at Irene’s Myomassology Institute. Bring your baby to share the experience. During this class, the teacher will demonstrate how to perform the massage, and assist you as you massage your own baby!

You will learn how Infant Massage benefits you and your baby. The instructor will teach you techniques to calm your baby, ease colic, and congestion. This is a wonderful way to deepen your bond with your child.

Saturday, June 22, 2024

10am – 12pm

  • Class open to the public $30 per family (Mom and/or Dad & Baby)
  • Babies should be 8 weeks to 15 months old.
  • Please bring your baby, extra diapers, wipes and baby blanket.

Space is limited. Sign up now!

Couples Massage Class

“Honey, will you rub my back?” Does that sound familiar? Here’s your opportunity to connect with your partner on a deeper level, while learning how to perform a therapeutic massage. In this class, you can take a break from everyday life to spend four fun evenings with your significant other, while learning proper techniques of a relaxing full body massage. Share the gift of massage as you learn the true art of touch. Your muscles and your partner will thank you!

4 Sunday Afternoons

February 4, 11, 18, 25, 2024

2 pm – 5 pm

$275 per Couple

The first class must be attended prior to the remaining three.

Class Gift Certificates Available
Call 248-350-1400

Fun Holistic Health Classes

Check out the descriptions of these informative classes. All of these electives are open to the public.

They are very popular and fill up fast. Be sure to enroll well in advance!

Public Elective Classes ($22 per hour)
4 Hours  $88
8 Hours  $176
12 Hours $264

Aligning & Clearing the Chakras

4 Hours
Instructor: Lisa Johnson, LMT, ERYT

Course Description

Prerequisite: none

The chakras are the seven centers of energy in the astral body. The word chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit. It can be helpful to visualize a vortex where energy accumulates as it flows throughout the human form. The seven chakras correspond to specific endocrine glands, body functions, conscious and unconscious thoughts, colors, elements, and much more.

This course is an excellent introduction to energy work for those having trouble “feeling” energy and for those just looking to expand their knowledge. Aligning and Clearing the Chakras teaches the basics of the human energy field. Students will learn hands-on and meditation techniques to align the chakras and affect the layers of the aura. These methods can be used for personal growth or to empower others.

Avoiding Disease Naturally

4 Hours
Instructor: Hallie Armstrong, ND

Course Description

Prerequisite: none

Learn how to prevent diseases naturally through environmental health, nutrition, and detoxification. Disease prevention will be presented with a holistic approach addressing the mind, body, and spirit. This information can be used in your own life and shared with clients.

Environmental health will include safe cosmetics, safe household materials such as plastics and cleaners, and green renovation options. Nutrition health will include information on specific diets, organic foods and using food as medicine. Detoxification information will include safe ways to detox your body effectively so it can function optimally.

Crystal Healing

4 Hours
Instructor: Lisa Johnson, LMT, ERYT

Course Description

Prerequisite: none

Civilizations across the world, from ancient Egyptian to Native American cultures, have used stones and crystals in spiritual rituals and for their healing powers. Although no one knows the exact science behind the phenomenon, the earth’s minerals show an inexplicable capacity to alter and enhance response in the human body.

This workshop will explore the potential of using stones to heal. We will experiment with flow patterns in the human energy field using crystal layouts, and discuss basic patterns for using stones to complement the energy centers of the body. This class is perfect for anyone fascinated with the beauty and energy locked within stones and crystals can add new dimensions to traditional massage.

Guided Imagery

4 Hours
Instructor: Lisa Johnson, LMT, ERYT

Course Description

Prerequisite: none

Guided Imagery is a useful technique in the healing process. Numerous medically-based studies have proven its effectiveness. A myomassologist who can offer guided imagery along with massage possesses a skill that enhances their ability to help their clients. This class will provide students with a variety of dialogues they can use during a massage to assist a client’s relaxation and healing process.

Imagery is a tool that utilizes the power of one’s mind to achieve desired physical and emotional results. It can stimulate all of our senses – sight, sound, smell, taste, and feeling. When we remember or anticipate an event, we do so with our whole body. These thoughts can cause our face to flush, our pulse to quicken, and our hormones to energize. What the mind/body believes to be true creates physiological responses which help to encourage healing.

Mind/Body Medicine

4 Hours
Instructor: Harsha Jayatilake, M.D., FAAFP, DABHM

Course Description

Prerequisite: none

In recent years, western medicine has begun to wake up to a concept that Myomassologists have always known: We must treat the complete body and mind along with the symptoms of an illness. Complementary and alternative medicine is gaining popularity as science, medicine, and spirituality begin to come together to share tools for healing.

This class will detail the mind/body connection so vital to the process of caring for the entire person, and how that connection can be used to heal the body. Students will learn the ways that body, mind, and spirit work together toward self-healing, and how the thoughts, feelings, and words we choose every day can affect our bodies and immune systems.

Emotions can and do affect our health, and illness can be an opportunity to learn. We will emphasize the roles that the outer world and our overall attitude play in self-healing and inner peace.

Mind/Body Medicine examines western medicine in relation to its eastern counterpart, and how alternative techniques, ideas, and treatments are useful in conjunction with traditional care to put individuals back in control of their own healing.

We will also focus on the role that a Myomassologist can play in mind/body cooperative healing, and how often allowing an individual to really talk is the most potent medicine we can offer them. This look at the power of treating a complete individual will encourage you to challenge and expand your thoughts and attitudes on health, healthcare, and the relationship between the mind and body.

Science of Detox

8 Hours
Instructor: Hallie Armstrong, ND

Course Description

Prerequisite: none

This class teaches why detoxing is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle and how to do so safely. The science behind why some detox practices must be avoided and what makes others safe is explained. An explanation of best practices and examples for detoxing is included.

Spiritual Development

4 Hours
Instructor: Hartmut Sagolla

Course Description

Prerequisite: none

This course has been a life-changing and transformational experience for many. The terms “spirituality,” “religion,” “metaphysics,” and “mysticism,” are defined, clarified and discussed for the purpose of helping you make knowledgeable decisions in your life while understanding others.

Of great significance is this course’s ability to supply you with valuable spiritual and mental tools for releasing negative blocks through mindfulness and meditation. Opening yourself to compassion, empathy, and love for all of your massage clients, no matter what cultural, ethnic, or religious background they possess.

The Golden Rule, the basic tenet at the core of every major religion, teaches us that we reap what we sow. It has been expressed as practicing compassion, karma, paying it forward, do unto others, etc. This class celebrates this Universal Truth that lies at the heart of every individual’s success.

By correcting misperceptions in order to heal the mind of guilt, fear, pain, and loss we can experience healing. Releasing a belief system that no longer serves us can have a profound impact on our life and work.

Based on the timeless insights of the Buddha and other great spiritual teachings, this class teaches keys to inner peace and happiness. This course of study will instill a greater sense of mastery and empowerment over challenging life situations as you learn to release attachment.

As you grow spiritually, you will be more effective as a massage practitioner because your sense of compassion will expand. While many of your massage clients will be seeking a greater understanding of themselves and their spiritual nature, you will often find yourself on the same path.


16 Hours
Instructor: Lisa Johnson, LMT, ERYT

Course Description

Prerequisite: none
RequirementsBring a notebook, washcloth and hand towel.

Each day we use scents to communicate, elevate, and recreate moods and sensations. Scents are unique in their ability to access the central nervous system without being filtered by the blood-brain barrier. Scents alone can directly stimulate the limbic center of the brain, the seat of emotion and memory. Aromatherapy uses essential oils derived from plants, roots, flowers, trees, and fruits to bring about physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual balance within people and environments.

This class will explore the different aromas and therapeutic properties of essential oils. We will additionally discuss how oils are processed and how to ensure the oil quality. You will learn a variety of methods to use essential oils in your practice including mixing essential oils with massage lubricant, diffusers, steam showers, bath salts and space clearing. Students will create an aromatherapy blend to use in class and take home.

Brain Gut Connection

4 Hours
Instructor: Hallie Armstrong, ND

Course Description

Prerequisite: none

This class does a deep dive into the digestive system and its connection to our overall health. This includes the correlation between our brain and digestive health and emotional well-being.

Feng Shui

4 Hours
Instructor: Christine Evans

Course Description

Prerequisite: none

This class is not about good luck charms or hanging wind chimes in every doorway. It’s not about forcing your rooms into pre-fabricated patterns that will somehow help you win the lottery. Feng Shui expresses the intention to honor nature in everyday life, by working with, rather than against our surroundings to cultivate peace and prosperity.

An ancient Chinese system, Feng Shui is a tool for finding the optimal conditions for balance and harmony in the home, office, and landscape. Fire, earth, metal, water, and wood: these five elements are considered in relation to yin/yang attributes, the Bagua, and chi flow.

The class will cover the basic principles of Feng Shui and provide students with feedback on enhancing their own environment.


16 Hours
Instructor: Kellie Speciale-Meyers, C.N., N.D., LMT

Course Description

Prerequisite: none

The Earth’s herbal remedies for better health have been time-tested over thousands of years. Use of herbal tonics to treat various injuries, illnesses, and diseases is found throughout the history of mankind.

Herbology, the study of using herbs as traditional medicinal remedies, is a class for those who want to reclaim their health without relying on synthetic and engineered pharmaceuticals.

Students will learn plant-derived remedies for many specific complaints, from managing infection to regulating hormones. We also discuss how to use herbs for general health and maintenance, from improving vision to increasing energy.

Reiki I (Shoden)

12 Hours
Instructor: Lisa Harthun, Reiki Grand Master, VST, Shaman

Course Description

Prerequisite: none

Envision a universe made of pure energy. Energy that can be directed and redirected around and through the body to heal and restore the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. The philosophies behind Reiki hold that we live in a state of restored energy. Reiki Level One is your first step along the transformative journey into the ancient art of Reiki healing energy. This course is designed to introduce you to the fundamental principles and techniques of Reiki. This will empower you to tap into your innate healing abilities and enhance your overall well-being. Once attuned, you will be able to connect to the source of healing energy which you can then begin to channel.

During this Reiki Level One course, you will embark on a profound exploration of Reiki’s history, philosophy, and principles. You will gain a deep understanding of energy healing, chakras, and how to channel healing energy through your hands. The class covers a combination of simple lessons in physiology, a demonstration of a complete whole body treatment, a detailed description of hand positions, and practical exercises. You will learn how to cultivate a strong connection with the Universal Life Force Energy that flows through all living beings.

Sound & Vibration Healing

4 Hours
Instructor: Amy Feger, LMT, Reiki Master, Shaman

Course Description

Prerequisite: none
RequirementsBring a rattle, yoga mat, and a stone or crystal of your choice.

Sound and vibration have been used for centuries for healing the body, mind, and spirit. This elective provides a basic understanding of the principles of working with sound as a healing modality and demonstrates ways in which it can be used to restore balance.

You will be taught how to visualize and apply intention through sound vibrational tools. These will include quartz crystal bowls, rainstick, rattles, bells, chimes, and drums.

The focus will be on the seven main chakras and understanding how sound and mindfulness take part in helping to enhance and cleanse one’s energy. Students will be working with the White Light and trained in various techniques derived from the instructor’s years of sound healing experience.

All students will leave class conscious of mindfulness to sound vibration. They will also be able to apply the techniques learned to both individuals and group settings.

Transforming Grief

8 Hours
Instructor: Shelia Cope, LMT

Course Description

Prerequisite: none

Grief does not only stem from death, but loss of any kind.  This class provides an understanding of how loss and resulting grief manifest in the body. When we experience loss, we experience a heightened emotional state. If we do not work through our grief in a healthy way, emotions may be suppressed, ignored and stored in our body.

Many studies have proven that when we suppress our emotions, they can manifest in our body physically as disease. When we are open to releasing emotional baggage, we are open to releasing the physical manifestations of those suppressed emotions. By providing awareness and some basic tools to help release these emotions, you will leave class feeling lighter and better prepared to offer support to others. You will experience techniques you can utilize to remain present for clients or friends. This is not a hands-on massage class, but students will learn exercises for a self care plan to share with others.

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