Get the Benefits of Therapeutic Massage at Affordable Prices in a Safe Environment

In today’s fast paced society, we rarely take time to relax. We know stress is bad for our health, but do not take steps to relieve it. Fortunately therapeutic massage helps with this in a short period of time.


Bottom line, massage feels wonderful and is great for your health. Your therapist’s touch causes an immediate reaction in your brain! As your skin’s nerve cells feel the pressure, they signal the brain to release feel-good chemicals called endorphins, which boost mood.  As a result, stress hormones like cortisol and adrenalin decrease. The overall effect is one of relaxation and a sense of wellbeing.

Affordable Therapeutic Massage

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In Irene’s Student Massage Clinic, we stress professionalism while providing strictly therapeutic massage. Under no circumstances is inappropriate behavior tolerated as the safety of our students and clients is our top priority! Any lewd comments or offensive behavior will result in the immediate termination of the massage session at full price.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to complete health intake forms. Bring an ID for a senior or military massage rate.

60 Min

General Public — $50
Seniors (60+ years) — $35
Military and Veterans — $30

90 Min

General Public — $75
Seniors (60+ years) — $52
Military and Veterans — $45

Irene’s not only meets, but exceeds, all health and sanitary guidelines from the State and the CDC. Regardless of personal opinions, we follow safety precautions recommended by health experts to keep our community safe.

Call for an Appointment 248-350-6929

Irene’s provides senior, military & veteran discounts

†Senior or Military Gift Certificates can only be redeemed by individuals meeting those criteria. 

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Clinic Hours

Monday-Friday 9am-9pm

Saturday & Sunday 9am-3pm

What to Expect at Irene’s Student Massage Clinic

Irene’s Student Therapists

Irene’s Myomassology Institute offers a relaxing and restorative massage service given by senior students in a professional environment.

All of our student therapists have completed thorough training in massage techniques to provide you with an incredible experience with lasting effects.

We train them in a multitude of techniques to not only help you relax but to increase flexibility, dissolve aches and pains and relieve anxiety.

Professional Environment

Irene’s clinic is professionally run to provide an amazing experience for both clients and students. Each massage is performed in a private treatment room designed for your comfort and relaxation.

Irene’s massage students are trained to professionally address the needs of each client. Located in Southfield, we provide Metro Detroit residents with a therapeutic massage at affordable prices. Irene’s parking lot and building are fully handicapped accessible.

Student Skills

Prior to working in the massage clinic, Irene’s students have been thoroughly trained in Swedish massage. They have completed at least half of their massage school education before beginning their clinical requirements.

In our hectic lives, physical and emotional stress readily presents itself. A well-trained massage therapist is equipped to relieve that strain. By understanding how different parts of the bodywork together, a talented therapist can relieve the pressures of everyday life in addition to a multitude of health challenges.

Irene’s Student Massage Clinic Experience

Prior to Your Massage

We teach our students to address your needs and comfort, which is why they conduct a short consultation prior to your massage. You can discuss with your therapist any areas of concern, sore spots, tight muscles or prior injuries.

Faculty supervisors are always available for any questions you may have. Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow time for you to complete a client intake form and for us to give you the best possible service.

During Your Massage

You can expect a relaxing experience. Make sure you are honest with your therapist, inform them of any sore spots or pain. It is their goal to assure your comfort.

As you are draped throughout the massage, only the area of the body being massaged is uncovered. The supervisor will briefly enter the room during the massage to observe the session and answer any questions you may have.

Completing a Massage

Your therapist will inform you when your session is over and leave the room. Get up from the table slowly and take your time getting dressed. Massage is very relaxing, and you may need a moment to focus. You should feel relaxed with your aches and pains dissolved.

Following a Massage

After you are dressed you will be asked to complete a brief evaluation for your therapist. Please do so honestly, as this is an important component of your therapist’s learning process. We value your feedback to assist the student with their progress. It is recommended that you drink extra water to hydrate and flush your body.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Even the most commonly practiced Swedish massage provides muscle relaxation and increases the body’s blood circulation. Studies show that therapeutic massage can be helpful for headaches, fibromyalgia, insomnia, PTSD, depression, lowering blood pressure, enhanced athletic performance and much more.

Whether you are looking for pain management, injury rehabilitation or simply have a relaxing and enjoyable experience–an inexpensive massage from Irene’s Myomassology Institute can help achieve your goals!