Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most commonly asked questions we hear at Irene’s massage school. We are always happy to provide you with more information. Give us a call at 248-350-1400 or come visit us for a tour of the campus.

Q. What are Irene’s Massage School Credentials?

Approved by the State Massage Therapy Board

Licensed by the State of Michigan since 1987

Certified by IMF

Institutional Member of the ABMP

School Member of the AMTA

Research Donator for the MTF

Founding Member of the AFMTE

Approved by THE FSMTB

Q. Does the school pay for our licensing exam and State Massage License?

A. Irene’s pays for both the licensing exam and a Michigan State Massage License.

Q. When do classes start?

A. Irene’s massage classes conveniently start three times each year, Winter, Summer, and Fall.

Q. Do Irene’s students earn a Michigan State Massage License?

A. Before graduating, all of Irene’s students have passed the licensing exam and their massage license application is sent to the state. Although passing the licensing exam cannot be guaranteed, Irene’s pass rate for the license exam is higher than the state and national average.

Q. Does Irene’s have career fairs?

A. Exclusive career fairs are hosted for Irene’s alumni every year.

Q. What are Irene’s instructors’ qualifications?

A. Irene’s teachers have years of teaching experience.  Each massage teacher is State Licensed.  Every instructor at Irene’s is an authority in the subject they teach. With highly qualified instructors in every class, students enjoy the opportunity to acquire skills from experts.

Q. Does Irene’s have a student massage clinic on-site?

A. By practicing in an on-site professionally run massage clinic, Irene’s students gain experience working on the public under the guidance of faculty members.

Q. Does Irene’s have flexible massage class schedules?

A. Irene’s understands that it can be challenging for busy adults to gain an education. We have flexible schedules allowing students to work full-time while in school. Day or evening classes are available.

Q. Does Irene’s have Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Veteran’s Benefits to help pay for school?

A. Irene’s has a financial aid department that assists students in securing all the funding they are eligible for. Our Kempley Massage Scholarship provides up to $2,000 for qualified students who need additional help with tuition.  We are proud to offer VA Educational Benefits to help veterans with school expenses.

Q. How long has Irene’s been teaching massage?

A. Irene’s has been a State Licensed Massage School since 1987. Irene began teaching massage in her own basement in 1976!

Q. Does Irene’s help graduates find jobs?

A. Our school’s alumni have access to lifetime placement services. Irene’s has a full-time Placement Director to assist them in finding massage jobs. With our outstanding reputation, employers prefer to hire our graduates over any other school!

Q. Does the school have staff to guide students through school?

A. Irene’s has a full-time Student Advisor on staff to support student progress.

Q. Are Irene’s class hours supervised?

A. All of Irene’s 625 hours are supervised with faculty present. We do not charge students for homework hours.

Q. What is Irene’s campus like?

A. Our state of the art facility was designed to provide an ideal space for learning. With 17,500 square feet, the school boasts five classrooms and a professional student clinic.  We also have a store that stocks the Massage Supplies a professional therapist would want such as charts, oils, tables, sheets and even healthy snacks.

Q. Does Irene’s have elective classes?

A. In addition to their therapeutic massage program, students choose from over 40 different elective subjects.

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