Irene’s Myomassology Institute

In order to be included as an Irene’s Approved Employer, the proprietor must be in full compliance with the standards below. Employers who do not abide by these standards will not receive assistance in hiring new therapists.

Qualify as an Irene’s Approved Employer

If you are familiar with Irene Gauthier’s history, you know that she worked hard for decades to bring the massage profession into a respected light. She attended massage school in the 1950s and spent the rest of her life forging a path for others to pursue therapeutic massage as a legitimate, viable career.

Today, Irene’s school strives to uphold the reputation of massage therapy as a respected profession. We actively participate in massage regulation. Our placement department seeks the best career options for our alumni. To that end, we require all massage employers in which we align to provide fair labor practices for its therapists.

Irene’s Myomassology Institute requires an establishment to comply with these standards to be an Irene’s Approved Employer. Prior to requesting assistance in finding a therapist, please read all of the standards to assure you meet these criteria.

Minimum Employment Standards


  • Minimum $25 per one-hour massage. Although we strongly recommend $30 – $45 per one-hour massage to be competitive in the marketplace. Discounted massage does not discount therapist pay.
  • No less than minimum wage is required for cleaning, answering phones, laundry, and meetings.
  • No less than minimum wage is required for therapists required to stay on-site between clients. This time is compensated in addition to compensation for doing massage.
  • Compensation is in addition to tips, bonuses, commissions, and benefits.
  • Therapists are provided with 100% of their tips in addition to their compensation.
  • Therapists are not required to give free massages to other staff members.
  • Any continuing education required by the employer is paid for by the employer.

State of Michigan Massage Licensing

  • To legally practice massage, all therapists must have a license from the State of Michigan.
  • Prior to hiring, employers must obtain a current copy of each therapist’s massage license.
  • Any massage employer who knowingly hires unlicensed therapists will be permanently removed from Irene’s Approved Employer list.
  • Local law enforcement and the State massage board will be notified.

Management and/or Receptionists:

  • Fair rotation of clients amongst all therapists to the best of their ability.
  • Knowledge of all studio polices and specials.
  • Introductory massage prices provided to first-time clients only.
  • Phone calls are professionally and efficiently managed.
  • Clients are greeted warmly and transactions are handled professionally.
  • Enforce fair protocols and safe environments.
  • A sanitary work environment with comfortable climate control is maintained.
  • Therapists have the opportunity to agree to the maximum number of clients per day and the length of time between clients.
  • The business conducts itself with high ethical standards, honesty, and integrity. The employer operates within the parameters of the massage board licensing requirements. The establishment follows good business practices, operates within the scope of practice, maintains required records and stays in full compliance of the law.
  • The employer projects a professional image in keeping with the highest standards of the massage profession. The business strives to positively promote the massage profession. The establishment refrains from any behavior that could be considered sexual in nature and uphold the highest professional standards in order to desexualize massage therapy.

Mistreatment Warning

If the institute receives reports of an employer mistreating or under paying therapists, our career services department will investigate the allegations. If compelling evidence reveals that the employer does not meet our minimum standards, they will be removed from our alumni referral list and will no longer be invited to career fairs.

Approved Employer List Reapplication

In order to be returned to Irene’s Approved Employer List, official documentation (a signed contract or employee handbook) must be provided that demonstrates the employer meets minimum employment standards. Documentation must include the following components: compensation; method and frequency pay are disbursed; all required tasks in addition to performing massage; the length of time given between clients; the policy regarding the maximum number of massages given in a row and the total massages given in one day.  

All of this information will be held in the strictest confidence. Additionally, the employer must provide a minimum of two testimonials from graduates of Irene’s collaborating their fair employment practices. The recommendations can either be given in person, over the phone or on a notarized sworn affidavit.