Alumni & Continuing Education

Irene’s knows our job does not end with a diploma and a transcript. Irene’s believes that our students are part of the Irene’s Family and we remain committed to assuring their ongoing success. Our massage school graduates know they can always call the school with requests for help or answers to questions. Irene’s is proud to offer continued support to our students well beyond graduation.

Our alumni enjoy the benefit of Lifetime Job Placement Services, a complimentary Alumni Association and ongoing Massage Licensing support. As the Michigan Massage Therapy Board continues to fine-tune the State’s licensing rules, we are there with up-to-date information, application assistance and legislative action when necessary. In addition, the school offers a multitude of continuing education opportunities.

Lifetime Massage Job Placement Assistance

Irene’s graduates are provided lifetime job placement services. Massage employers throughout Southeast Michigan prefer Irene’s graduates, and many hire exclusively from our alumni. If you are looking for a new massage position, contact our placement director for your Alumni Login to access our list of current massage jobs.

Our massage career services department lists an abundance of jobs from our extensive network. Irene’s reputation allows us to maintain relationships with the best employers in Michigan and around the country.

In addition, Irene’s requires employers to be in compliance with our minimum employment standards. If a massage establishment takes advantage of therapists, we remove them from our list of approved employers. We require fair labor practices for our alumni.

Mark your calendar for our annual massage career fair. We have employers on campus that are ready to hire Irene’s graduates.

The public’s awareness of holistic health and preventive medicine is rapidly growing. Many are realizing that modern medicine does not have all the answers and are turning to other methods to feel well. As more people begin to understand the importance of good health, the need for trained massage therapists is expanding.

If you have any questions, call or email our Placement Director at 248-350-1400.

Irene's Exclusive Massage Career Fair for Alumni

Irene’s offers lifetime massage job placement assistance to all of our alumni.

Our Career Fair offers excellent massage placement opportunities in a variety of settings, all together in one convenient location, Irene’s campus!

Employers from Southeast Michigan and surrounding areas will be here for on the spot, one-on-one interviews. Massage chairs will be available for therapists to demonstrate their hands-on skills.

Upcoming Career Fair

Wed. April 24, 2024, from 12pm-3pm

(For Irene’s Grads Only)

Join us at Irene’s massage school for this great opportunity to find employment with one of the massage employers who want to hire Irene’s alumni. If you have any further questions, call our Career Services Department at 248-350-1400.

Remember to dress for success! There will be numerous employers present for you to meet. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Don’t forget to bring copies of your resume to give to potential employers.

Register today for access to our list of Current Massage Jobs and online access to Irene’s Massage Training Video!

Alumni Association

Irene’s complimentary Alumni Association is an exclusive organization providing fun and informative gatherings to graduates. Our alumni services present enriching experiences following graduation such as massage shares, career development classes and reunion parties.

All of our graduates are automatically considered a part of the Alumni Association. However, it is up to you to stay connected. Send us current contact information and join Irene’s Alumni Association’s Facebook group!

Participating in Irene’s Alumni Association provides an abundance of benefits in addition to networking opportunities. Graduates enjoy continuing education classes at competitive rates and information on the latest trends in massage and regulations governing their career. They receive assistance with state licensing, professional guidance, and a thriving alumni community.

Stay connected to your #IrenesFamily! We will email you with upcoming Alumni Events as well as post events on the Facebook group. The Alumni Facebook group also has postings of new job openings and opportunities from other graduates.

Irene’s Approved Massage Employers

In order to be added to Irene’s Myomassology Institute’s list of approved massage employers, the business must be in compliance with Irene’s minimum employment standards. Employers who do not abide by these standards do not receive assistance in hiring new therapists.

Irene’s Employer Standards include minimum compensation, requiring a current massage license, professional procedures, sanitary work environments,  and fair employment policies.  Click below to see Irene’s Massage Employer Standards.

Massage Licensing Updates

All massage therapists are required to obtain a license from the State of Michigan. It is a criminal violation of the law to practice massage therapy without a board-issued license.

For our students, the school pays for their Licensing Exam and their initial State Massage Licensing fee. As the Michigan Massage Therapy Board implements new rules or changes continuing education requirements, we post those updates on this website.

Irene’s Referral Incentive Program

We appreciate your faith in the school, and love hearing stories of Irene’s outstanding reputation. We want to show our appreciation to you for recommending our massage program.

In the future, when you refer someone to our massage school, we will send you a thank you gift.

How does it work? What do you get?

When you refer someone who enrolls and attends the first day of school, we’ll give you a Gallon of Massage Oil and Gift Certificate for a massage in the student clinic.

When you refer someone who graduates, we will give you a $50 Massage Supply Store Voucher and a 16-hour Elective Class (CE).

There are three ways to refer a prospective student.

  1. Have the person call the school for info and say that you referred them.
  2. Fill out your friend’s contact information on this page.
  3. Call the school and give us your friend’s contact information.

When the person registers for school, we will send you certificates upon completion of their first class. When the person finishes their program, we will send your rewards when they graduate.

Faculty and staff members are not eligible for rewards.
Rewards apply to new referrals only.

  • Your Information

  • Prospective Student's Information

Continuing Education

Irene’s offers a multitude of continuing education opportunities for Licensed Massage Therapists. We have classes that not only satisfy your hourly requirements, but also fulfill the pain management and the ethics stipulations. We even have a class to provide you with the required education on Human Trafficking that is mandated by the Federal Government.

All renewed massage licenses will be required to complete 18 hours of CE over the next three years. There are very specific rules massage therapists need to abide by to renew their licenses. These can be seen on Irene’s continuing education page.

Alumni Discount on Yoga at Irene’s

Irene’s wants to share the transformative benefits of yoga with our graduates. That’s why Alumni get 20% off Yoga at Irene’s

Our classes offer a space to meet new friends, exchange positive energy, and support each other on your journey. Come flow with us and discover the joy of yoga. Namaste!

Your discount can be applied to Individual Classes, Packages, or our Unlimited Class option. Email Career Services to get your discount code today! 

Alumni Discount For Yoga At Irene's

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