Irene’s Myomassology Institute Cares

  1. Set goals for each and every day.
  2. Enjoy a shower to feel fresh.
  3. Get dressed. Do not spend the day in your pajamas.
  4. Get yourself out of the house for some fresh air.
  5. Take a walk and start moving.
  6. We can’t control the weather, so walk in the rain if need be.
  7. Make nutritious food. The better you eat, the better you feel.
  8. Reach out to friends. Remember to maintain social contacts.
  9. Exercise! Beyond the physical benefits, exercise helps us emotionally as well.
  10. Stay hydrated. Drink adequate water to improve sleep quality, cognition and mood.
  11. Maintain your sense of humor. Laughter is one of the most therapeutic ways to survive stressful times.
  12. Limit time spent on the internet. Social Media creates stress with its constant flow of negative and inaccurate information.
  13. Meditation helps to calm a busy mind. Less stress makes for less anxiety.
  14. Dance because no one is watching. Your mood will lift when you put on a favorite song and shake it up.
  15. Yoga calms the body, mind and spirit. It can relieve a stiff back and make you feel focused and refreshed.
  16. It is important to practice self care. You will get a psychologically boost knowing you are taking care of yourself.

Remember to consciously breathe. Taking a deep breath is the first step to calm your mind and reset your outlook. We’ve been hearing and reading that the pandemic, exacerbated by the 24-hour news cycle, has been difficult both mentally and emotionally. Combined with loss of income the stress can become overwhelming.

While in the midst of a quarantine, many of us simply sit idle in front of the TV. Others find themselves binge eating unhealthy food. It is not uncommon for some to turn to substance abuse to avoid boredom. If you find yourself slipping into unhealthy habits, we recommend staying in touch with loved ones and practicing healthy activities.

Get yourself up and get dressed every day. Set goals for yourself each morning or before you go to bed at night. Then stick to those goals. Go for a walk. Make a nutritious meal. Complete at least one chore a day. Read a good book. Exercise or dance every day. Being physically active is important! Do not allow your living conditions to deteriorate.

During difficult times, one can easily slip into bad habits or unhealthy coping mechanisms. There are increased concerns for people with existing conditions of depression and addiction. There are also safety concerns for people living in at risk home situations.

We thought it could be helpful to distribute a list of counseling and health services just in case anyone you know could use it. Click the button below for a downloadable list. Otherwise scroll down to see this list of resources.

We invite you to share this information with any family or friends in need. Reach out for help if you feel yourself losing hope or feeling overwhelmed.

Remembering this crisis is only temporary can be helpful. Think about how you want to feel after this is over. Practice your healthy habits now to prepare for the best outcome when we can once again join society. Be your best self when it’s time to return to work or school! We know you can do this!


Common Ground – Crisis to Hope Center 24-hour Crisis Services Agency
1200 Telegraph Rd, Bldg. #32E, Pontiac, MI 48341
Information: 248-451-2600
24-hour resources and crisis helpline 800-231-1127

HAVEN has helped domestic violence and sexual assault victims and their families escape abuse and create safer lives for nearly 40 years.
801 Vanguard Drive Pontiac, MI 48341
24hr Crisis & Support 248-334-1274

RAINN – 24-hour National Sexual Assault
Hotline: 800-656-4673

CNS Heathcare – Behavior Health services Several locations across Oakland and Wayne county
If you need immediate help:
Oakland County Resources and Crisis Helpline – 800-231-1127
Wayne County Crisis Helpline – 800-241-4949
National Suicide Prevention Hotline and Text – 800-273-8255 or Text 741-741

Oakland County Community Mental Health Administration

2011 Executive Hills Blvd., Auburn Hills MI 48326
Resource and Crisis Helpline: 800-231-1127

Oakland County Community Mental Health Authority:
Customer Services – 2011 Executive Hills Blvd., Auburn Hills, MI 48326 800-341-2003 or 248-858-4690
Advanced Counseling Services- Bingham Farms 248-203-1770
Advanced Counseling Services- Clarkston 248-922-2300
Burdette & Doss Psychological Services 248-559-0730
Catholic Social Services- Royal Oak 248-548-4044
Catholic Social Services- Waterford 248-666-8870
Centro Multicultural La Familia- Pontiac 248-858-7800
Havenwyck Hospital- Auburn Hills 248-373-9200
Henry Ford Behavioral Health- Troy 248-680-6000
Jewish Family Service- Southfield 248-559-1500
Jewish Family Service- West Bloomfield 248-737-5055
Lutheran Child & Family Service 844-467-3356
Oakland Family Services- Berkley 248-544-4004
Oakland Family Services- Farmington 248-477-6767
Oakland Family Services- Pontiac 248-858-7766
Oakland Family Services- Rochester 248-656-3330
Oakland Family Services- Walled Lake 248-624-3811
Oakland Psychological Services- Bloomfield Hills 248-594-1300
Pioneer Counseling Center- Farmington Hills 248-489-1550
Sexual Assault Hot Line 800-656-4673