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Refillable 8 oz. Bottles
Natural Treasures Massage Oil and Biotone Lotion
Pure Herbs Peppermint Oil & Herbal Adjustment

Natural Products Store

Irene's Natural Products store offers an array of products to aid in practicing a holistic lifestyle.  A complete line of massage tables, chairs, and accessories, plus natural lotions, creams and oils are available.  Check out our unusual gift items from around the world. Choose from a large selection of books on massage modalities, herbs, and other healthy lifestyle topics.  Select a healthy snack or some organic chocolate. Purchase essential oils, incense or flower essences for your aromatherapy needs. We are a one stop shopping experience for all of your healthy lifestyle choices.

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Herbs, Supplements and Vitamins

Herbs, supplements and vitamins are an essential part to healthy daily living. To assist in natural weight loss, immune support and ease symptoms due to insomnia, menopause, heart and colon health, Irene’s carries a wide variety of leading brands to choose from.

Massage Tables and Chairs

Choosing the right massage table and chair is the most important factor to consider in the success of your career. Just as you cannot do massage online, neither should you choose your most important tools online. Professional tables and chairs to enhance your practice are available at Irene’s. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to assist you in making a selection that is perfect for you. We are happy to assist with custom orders as well.

Personal Care Products

What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them. For your convenience, we have numerous natural care products to care for your whole person. You will find everything for head to toe personal care like shampoo, toothpaste, moisturizers, cleansers, soap, bath salts, deodorant, lotion, foot scrub, sunscreen and much more. Earth friendly cleaning supplies are also available at Irene’s store. Stay radiant and vibrant shopping at Irene’s!

Massage Essentials

Everything you need for your practice! Oils, lotions, gels and so much more are available at Irene’s store. Whether looking to outfit your table with soft flannel sheets or create a relaxing atmosphere for your massage space, Irene’s has it all. You can also find massage tools, anatomical reference charts, topical ointments and a complete array of accessories.

Unique Gifts

We showcase local artisans, fair trade clothing and imported items from around the globe spanning from Brazil to Africa, Europe to Tibet. To clothe you there are dresses, tie dye socks, purses, hand knit hats to keep you warm and jewelry to adorn your body. To enhance your holistic approach to life we have salt lamps, crystal gemstones, spiritual statues and tea sets. Whatever the occasion you’ll be sure to find just the right thing!

Incense, Candles and Aromatherapy

To create a relaxing atmosphere essential oils and candles are a must. Irene’s carries a wide variety of organic oils and soy candles along with traditional incense and burners. These also make wonderful gifts.

Tasty Treats

To fuel up, Irene’s always keeps a variety of healthy snacks available, many of which are gluten free. You’ll always be able to find that special something to satisfy your cravings from local hummus, lentils and rice and protein bars to after meal delights like organic dark chocolate. Teas, kombucha, natural sodas and sparking water to quench your thirst are in the cooler. If it’s crunch you’re after, healthy chips, popcorn and crackers can be found as well. Stop in and grab a snack and get everything you need for your healthy body, mind and spirit. Irene’s has it all!